We keep club statistics so that our members can track their progress and personal records.

Ratings and Statistics

Each player has a club rating (unrelated to NASPA ratings), which goes up or down depending on the player’s performance. Wins, losses, spread, and opponent rating all contribute to the weekly change in ratings. Statistics are separated into two systems by lexicon.


These are the final scores from each round of the latest club session, also showing the round by round gains.


Here you can find statistics from past seasons.

Season Records

We keep track of some notable individual highlights over the course of the season; high win, high loss, high non-bingo, high play, most outrageous phony, and most bingos in one night.

Sit-Out List

Sometimes we have an uneven number of players at the club. That means someone has to be on the sideline instead of playing. This list keeps track of whose turn it is to sit out, based on how many games each player has played since their last sit-out.


This is a detailed explanation of the formula used to calculate changes in each player’s rating and prime.