About the club

The Mississauga SCRABBLE® Club first convened on April 5, 1993 and has since had hundreds of players walk through its doors. The club is a community-building, friendly and inclusive not-for-profit organization operated for the enjoyment of the SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Game. The club welcomes players of all ages and skill levels, from novice to expert. We offer players an opportunity to learn and improve according to their personal goals. By the very nature of the SCRABBLE® game, the club also promotes language and math skills.

We are affiliated with the City of Mississauga as a community group, providing us with some support and discounts on meeting space. We thank them for their support.

We are not affiliated with Hasbro or Mattel and do not hold any official status, licence or other propriety related to the SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Game. We also organize events aligned with leading SCRABBLE® associations and regulatory bodies including NASPA, WESPA, WGPO, and CoCo. We are an affiliate of SCRABBLE® Canada, which is a member organization of Volunteer MBC, the local volunteer centre to support our volunteer engagement.

For more information about us, see our FAQ, our Code of Conduct, or Contact Us.