Shan Abbasi

Priceless Eclipsers

What started in our Scrabble newsletter as a whimsical notion had become an itinerary in motion. A few weeks ago, I floated an idea of going to see the eclipse in Niagara Falls and play Scrabble. At first, Troy was the only one to express interest. But eventually, our expedition party expanded to include Prashanth, […]

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Mark Edelson’s 714

On July 3, 2014, Mark Edelson scored 714 points in a game against Sinna Vijayakumar. This incredible high score ties Craig Rowland for the all-time club record for high game in the OWL lexicon. Geoff Newman holds the record for high Collins game at 751. Mark had 4 bingos, AIRLIFTS, LAYERING, triple-triple PItCHIER, STANCHER and

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