If you’re looking for some printable resources to learn and improve, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to various apps, you may find it useful to download and share these documents.

Rules Quick Reference

Learn the essential rules for playing at an official SCRABBLE® club or tournament. The complete rule book can be found here.

Basic Gameplay

Learn how to form words and calculate the score when you play.

Practice 1
Practice 2

Learn and practice the important skill of spotting hooks, extensions, phoneys and anagrams.

Practice 3

Learn how to use parallel plays to dramatically increase your score.


A quick reference sheet containing phrases to ensure you have a complete set of tiles.

Cheat Sheet

Learn the most useful words for international players, including twos, threes, JQXZ words, vowel dumps and high probability bingos.

Scrabble Players Handbook

This is a resource developed by experts to teach strategy and help you improve.