Neureaux frequently receives requests for support in fundraising efforts for other nonprofit community service organizations. By providing our expertise in event planning and delivery, our staff and volunteers for facilitation, and specialized game equipment and materials, Neureaux provides these organizations with a means to raise more funds to support their important work.

However, in order to meet the demands, and being a grassroots nonprofit ourselves delivering various types of programming and consultation, Neureaux must itself raise funds.

Neureaux will provide consultation on the types of fundraising events that can produce the most success for a nonprofit organization. Below, you\’ll find information on some of our more common types of FunRaisers.

Type: Play Night
Games supported: SCRABBLE, Chess, Pictionary, Trivia
Fundraising methods: Tickets, Collecting Pledges
Required preparation time: 3 months
Event timing: Weekday evening
Expenses: refreshments, prizes
Resources needed: Large and welcoming playing space, tables and chairs, prizes
How it works:
The organization will either sell tickets or encourage players to register and then collect donation pledges after setting a minimum amount.
Securing a large and inviting playing space, as well as some modest prizes (either purchased or through sponsorships) is recommended.
Neureaux can assist with marketing templates.
Neureaux will send a facilitator and volunteers as needed to coordinate gameplay in a fun, exciting and low-pressure way. The emphasis is on player enjoyment.
The organization must take responsibility for the administrative and promotional components of the event.
GAme equipment can be loaned by Neureaux, or if the organization wishes to run the event again in the future, Neureaux can help it source game equipment at a reduced cost for purchase.
Pro: larger fundraising potential, dependent on number of participants and ticket/pledge
Con: administrative and promotional effort required

Service fees:
Dependent on total funds raised.
$100 for events that raise less than $1000 net
10% for events that raise $1000-$3000 net
30% for event that raise over $3000 net

Type: Defeat-the-Expert Challenge
Games supported: Scrabble, Chess, Trivia,
Fundraising methods: Participation flat fee with possible-add on fees
Required preparation time: 3 weeks
Event timing: variable, appointment-based
Expenses: prize(s)
Resources needed: Small playing area
How it works:
Neureaux sources an expert player from the selected game. The expert visits the organization on a particular day and different players are invited to try to defeat the expert at the game. In order to participate, each player must pay a small participation fee (their donation), and they can pay additional add-on fees to gain \’cheats\’ or other advantages in the game. For example, pay $10 more to consult the Scrabble dictionary. Players can face the expert individually or with a teammate to even the playing field. The variety of formats and rules depends on the game being played. Neureaux assists with marketing templates, and the organization must simply spread the word to invite players to participate. If the challenger defeats the expert, they win a prize.
Pro: low-maintenance
Con: small-scale fundraising

Service fees: $100 flat fee to Neureaux

Type: Official Tournament
Games supported: Scrabble, Chess
Fundraising methods: Tournament Entry Fee
Required preparation time: 6 months
Event timing: usually a Saturday or Sunday, depending on tournament calendar of relevant officiating organization
Expenses: prizes, refreshments
Resources needed: Large playing area
How it works:
Neureaux will determine available days on tournament calendar of relevant officiating organization (North American Scrabble Players Association, Canadian Chess Federation) in selected city. Once a date is agreed upon, Neureaux will plan key components of the event and pursue getting it sanctioned by the relevant officiating organization. Neureaux will work with the nonprofit organization to add the organization\’s own unique elements to the program. The main responsibility of the organization will be to secure the playing space. As an official tournament, it will also need to abide by the officiating organization\’s rules and code of conduct. Entry fees will be collected and an agreed upon portion of net revenue will be given to the nonprofit organization, a portion will be given to the officiating organization, and a portion will be given to Neureaux.
Pro: grows the game in your local community,
Con: fundraising potential is dependent on timing and location, as it leans more heavily on interest from competitive players.

Service fees: 10-30% of net funds raised will go to Neureaux and about 10% to the officiating organization depending on the format. The percentage depends on the level of coordination and level of official tournament activity in the area on the given date.

Type: Marathon

Games supported: Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly, Risk and more.
Fundraising method: Collecting Pledges
Required preparation time: 3 months
Event timing: Saturday or Sunday
Expenses: prizes, refreshments
Resources needed: midsize playing area
How it works:
Players are invited to play and play until they can\’t play anymore! An event can begin in the evening and go into the late hours of the night, or take a whole day. Players collect pledges beforehand that commit donors to donate a certain number of cents/minute. The longer the player plays, the bigger the donation! Players can choose from a wide variety of board games and mix and mingle with others. Neureaux facilitates
Pro: a great way to engage youth, feels like a party
Con: it\’s loud

Service fees:
Dependent on total funds raised.
$100 for events that raise less than $1000 net
30% for events that raise more than $1000 net

Type: Big GameOn!

Game supported: Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly
Fundraising method: spectator donations
Required preparation time: 2 months
Event timing: daytime
Expenses: some materials, transportation
Resources needed: open space in area with foot traffic
How it works: Neureaux has some oversize games… over 10feet x 10 feet! These big games are fun to play and even fun to watch! We set up this game with permission of a mall, community hub, foyer, restaurant or public square and people will be amazed as they walk by. Neureaux Announcers comment on the game and encourage people to donate to your cause and your street team approach people to talk about your organization and request/collect small donations on the spot.
Pro: exciting and fun, can be indoor or outdoor, can also be used to collect petition signatures or email readers
Con: depends on the area, availability of Big GameOn! equipment

Service fees:
Dependent on total funds raised.
$100 for events that raise less than $1000 net
30% for events that raise more than $1000 net


Organizations must enter into a service agreement that commits them to be transparent about fundraising finances for this event.
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