New website

Check out our revitalized website! This is Phase 1 of a major uplift, which will lead to more consistent and meaningful content that showcases our Scrabble club and better explains everything we do.


This also includes a new method of stats collection that simplifies and modernizes it. We had been without consistent stats for some time because although we had a highly advanced method of compiling the stats, it was so customized that it would have been difficult to maintain in the long run. The new method is simpler in terms of the fields and doesn’t implement any kind of rating system, and yet this time instead of flat information (which were essentially spreadsheets shown as flat webpages), it’s a complete database that allows you to look back historically and at an individual player’s achievements and more.


The website will also include much more player-driven content including images, testimonials, reports and more. This is intended to better reflect the spirit and dynamics of our club.

Technically, this website is more sound and will experience fewer bugs and be easier to update. We expect it to result in greater visibility on Google and other search engines.

You can anticipate new features and improvements in the weeks ahead.