Thursday thunder

At our weekly meetups, we hear the chatter of tiles and friendly conversation.


Brain power

We offer learning activities and provide tips and tutorials to improve your game.



We organize special events including holiday celebrations and tournaments.


Player Perspectives

Our club is special. But I’m just a lowly webmaster, so don’t take it from me–take a look at the testimonials from these players!

My devotion to this game has brought me to our club to develop and fine tune my skills socially. The club itself helps in promoting the game to younger generations, causing an increase in club participants this year.


I enjoy our Scrabble Club because it really feels like a community and I love the social aspect of it!!


Scrabble is a game I love and playing it at our club – with the camaraderie,  the homely atmosphere and the friendliness that has distinguished Mississauga Scrabble Club as a family – is something we all enjoy.


I love the ritual of connecting with friends for a simple game night every week, through all the seasons and over the years. Nothing to plan, nothing to plug in.  Be surprised and fascinated with the crazy words, skills, layers and nuances. Learn from and laugh along with a diverse group of players. Quirkiness is always welcome.